One contact...

One contact does it all

When you come to C Jahn AB / C J International Ltd with your idea, order or request it is to save yourself the time and effort of building up your own production department. We provide you with design, contacts in materials and manufacturing, quality control, approved working conditions, shipping and reorders, all in one contact.

Your eyes and ears in Asia

C Jahn AB / C J International Ltd work in the Baltic and Asian countries where textile manufacturing is at its best. In our offices in Karachi, Chennai, Dhaka, Shanghai and Hong Kong, over 100 of our employees keep their eyes and ears out for everything that happens in the manufacturing business. We know where to find high quality materials at the right price, we know the manufacturers personally, and we know the best way to handle payments in and out of countries such as China.

Many orders add up to low prices

Our greatest strength is that we supply the manufacturers with a large quantity of orders, thus bringing down prices for all our customers. We can save you valuable time and money trying to find the lowest price to manufacture your product – we already have it. And it will stay that way, as our base of customers is solid: we work with most major wholesale companies and franchise businesses in Scandinavia. Today, we are working our way into Europe and the USA.

Bypass local export corporations and front money

When contracting manufacturers in e.g. China, the local export corporation often demands front money to be paid, often up to 30% of the price tag. Our solid base of operations in Asia allows us to work as our own export corporation. There is no need for front money and we are also free to extend credits to trusted customers, reducing risks across the line.